Tech Support for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship:  having the right idea at the right time is the hard part.

Let technology be the easy part.

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Who are we?

Your ally in the tech world.

Technology is not the enemy, but many business owners suffer with the belief that it is!  We teach every client how to use tech to transform their business.

Most entrepreneurs do NOT want to spend their time learning every new tech tool out there, which turns into hesitation around just getting started in online business.  We want to show you that it is possible to create your website with ease, and that by working together, you can launch now instead of "some day!"  Many of our clients simply need advice on things like getting organized, staying sane about social media, hosting webinars, protecting online content,  increasing sales, or managing their growing team. 

We work with people who already have successful businesses, to help them launch a strong tech presence and connect with their growing customer base.  We are your ally in the tech world.


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Get your tech questions answered. Share what works well for you, and hear what didn't work so well for others. Build knowledge and expand your tech toolkit.  Ask for feedback on your tech projects, and receive thoughtful input from business owners on the same journey.

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